Jacqui is by far the best English tutor - Wayde, Cape Town, South Africa
Jacqui is by far the best English tutor. She is the only reason I passed the IELTS Academic English test on such short notice. Desperately needed to make sure I passed the first time and she made it happen. Thank you Jacqui I will be able to move overseas shortly.

Jacqui thank you for everything! - Vit, Prague, Czech Republic
I had fairly intensive lessons with Jacqui for couple of weeks and I must say she has helped a lot to improve my english. She was very friendly and very open to my needs and I also profited from her vast experience as an english teacher. The most important part of every lesson was conversation, but we spent a lot of time practicing reading and listening during every lesson as well. She gave me almost every day a lot of writing homework. She also devoted considerable part of lessons to explaining grammar subjects, whenever she had found out, that there was something unclear to me. But most of all I really appreciated our speaking, she used to give me texts to read as homework and then we discussed it later during our lessons and on top of that we also talked a lot about topics of everyday life which is what I consider as one of the most important things in learning a foreign language. Jacqui thank you for everything!

Would not hesitate to recommend Jacqui - Djoni and Helen, Brazil
We had the privilege to have Jacqui as our English teacher while we stayed in Cape Town. We were leading an interchange project and we have students from other nations. Jacqui is extremely patient, professional, and reliable. In addition, she is always ready to help with as we had a lot of questions concerning our learning. Every day she brings a new way of teaching, sometimes even the subjects that are quite challenging, she makes a way to make it easy. At 9am she was ready to start — never late. In a few weeks we saw our language skills getting better and better.
She also taught other students with different English levels— all of them people for whom English is not their first language. The students` feedback were always positive. Therefore, I would not hesitate to recommend Jacqui to any person or organization who is looking for a great English teacher.

I would recommend English classes with Jacqui; you will not regret it - Alba, Colombia
I am from Colombia and my home language is Spanish. I started to have English classes with Jacqui in 2016, a few months after moving to live in South Africa. I was looking for a teacher, but I really got far more than that. Jacqui goes further, she is actively engaged with your learning and with your personal and professional objectives.
In her classes she always gives her best and challenges you to move forward.
I had to stop our classes when I moved to live in the Isle of Man in 2018 but in 2021, I was invited to be a speaker at a Mindfulness festival on the Island. I was hesitant, as all my work has always been in Spanish. At that moment I knew I was going to need Jacqui’s support. Working online, Jacqui helped me to clarify the message I wanted to share with the audience, use the right language and allowed me to practice with someone who gave me her honest opinion.
Without any doubt I would recommend English classes with Jacqui; you will not regret it.