20 Feb

Today we live in a world where everybody wants to learn English. Yet as a mother tongue it is not the most spoken language in the world.

Why English, with its complex spelling - bear = the animal, bare = naked, no clothes on, Same pronunciation! How about those dreadful prepositions! Is something in, on, at, by!! Oh that awful grammar is so complex.

Sometimes I think English is a lazy language. When it could not find a word it used the existing word in another language. After all how do you give a name to a piece of bread shaped like the moon - oh no far too difficult let us call it the French word instead - so croissant it is. Then way back in the last century they developed television - check the Greek - much easier. English is able to adapt to new vocabulary and just add it to  its own lexicon. In the last 25 years the Internet has given us a whole new dictionary. Not only is Google a verb - I googled the information. It is also an adjective google maps are very useful.

This blog could go on. But it is my first one on my website. I love language - any language. If you would like to learn English, why not check out my website, contact me and let us learn. See you soon.

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