Hello I'm Jacqui. I have been teaching EFL (English as a Foreign Language) since 2004. Born in the UK I find students value the pronunciation and language I use without a strong regional accent.

I get such pleasure from teaching, reaching out to people from around the world. I learn from you all, just as I hope you learn from me.

Children are a particular delight and I have watched many grow into magnificent bilingual adults who have a variety of mother tongues.

Adults bring their own challenge, whether they want to go shopping in London or take up a position in an English speaking country. What a sense of achievement on both sides when a shy Iranian mother shared her biscuit recipe with me – in English!

Business English is my challenge. I find it opens me to a new set of vocabulary and structures. Once the student grasps it we have some lively discussions. My Business teaching has covered areas as varied as – advertising, banking, construction and general office work.

However the most challenging and rewarding, for me, is to guide students through specific tests – such as the Cambridge IELTS. How great to see students achieve scores to ease them into university. TOEFL the American continent’s entry is just as tough and needs focus from both student and me.

Language helps us all to communicate with one another and that can bring understanding. I understand Swahili, a little bit of French and a very little bit of Spanish. Let's get together and learn from each other.